Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I bring for my pet when they are Boarding?

       You are welcome to bring anything that makes your pet feel more comfortable! We have had everything from T-shirts, Shoes, Small Couches, etc.  If it will fit in their room, then it's a yes! However, Please do not bring anything that is sentimental, valuable or important. We do our very best to get all of your belongings back to you but occasionally things do get lost or damaged.

2) Does Lucky Bones provide food for my pet during their stay or while at Daycare?

        Lucky Bones recommends for all parents to bring their own food when their pet is boarding or if needed during Doggie Daycare.  Each pet's digestive tract is different and we certainly don't want to disturb it. Keeping them on their normal food is the best way to prevent this from happening. However, if the need should arise, Lucky Bones can provide food for a charge of $2 per day. Lucky Bones House Food is Purina One.

        When bringing your own food, you may either pre-bag it into individual meals, or bring large bags of food. Please label bags appropriately.

3) My pet has medication. Can you administer it and if so is there an extra charge?

        Lucky Bones does not charge to give your pet medication. Unfortunately, there are many pets that require medication and we feel that this is something that the customer should not be penalized for.  Our goal is to provide the very best love and care to all our babies and that includes administering medications. Please bring your pets medicine in it's original containers. Upon arrival at check-in our front desk attendant will get instructions from you and will fill out a treatment form.

4) Why is Lucky Bones so strict on Vaccination Requirements? Other places only require a Rabies Vaccine.

        We here at Lucky Bones care very deeply about the prevention of disease in our pet population. After working closely with the NC Agriculture Department and local Veterinarians, we have developed our Vaccine Requirements. It is not because we want to be difficult, it is because we want to do our part in protecting your pet's health. Lucky Bones also is very adamant in alerting our customers when a community "bug" is going around. We do our very best to be proactive in preventing these diseases. Even though we are extremely vigilant, there will always be a risk that your pet may become ill.  Just like any Child's daycare, dog's may also contract illnesses through playtime, and even via air-borne measures. Please help us do our part by making sure your pet is properly vaccinated.  We cannot accept breeder's vaccine records. They must come from a Veterinarian. We require the same vaccines for boarding, grooming, training, and daycare.

5) How old must my puppy be before He/She can play in Daycare or Board?

          There is no certain age, however, your pet must be current and have completed all rounds of puppy shots. This does vary from Vet to Vet. Some Veterinarians do 3 rounds of puppy shots and some do 4.   Typically puppies are around 4 months old before all shots are completed.

6) My pet does great with other dogs! I don't understand why they have to be spayed or neutered to participate in Lucky Bones Doggie Daycare?

          As pets approach 10 months and older, they begin to have scents and hormones that drive other dogs crazy. Male dogs, due to extra hormones, can become more play aggressive. This can taint fun doggie play, as well as put dogs and our employees at risk for injury. Puppies under 10 months are fine to play without being spayed or neutered. If you choose not to spay or neuter your adult dog, they are still welcomed to board with us, they will just not be allowed to participate in daycare.

7) Why do I have extra food left after my pets stay?

          Some pets do not eat well while they are boarding. We do our very best to ensure that your pet is eating well. Occasionally, if there is a pet not eating well, we will sprinkle shredded chicken over their food to encourage a good taste. If your pet is allergic, or you do not want them to have chicken in the event of poor appetite, please make us aware before your stay. DO NOT PUT MEDICINE IN YOUR FOOD BAGGIES: we cannot ensure the medicine will be taken if your pet does not eat well.