Whether during your stay at LBCC, or just dropping by for a little pampering, we've got you covered! 



Lucky Bones Spa Menu

       ~ Blueberry Facial                               ~ Teeth Brushing

       ~ Blueberry Spa Treatment                  ~ Fresh Breath Treatment

       ~ Nail Painting                                     ~ Hot Oil Treatment

     ~ De-Shed Treatment                          ~ Doggie Feather

            ~ Hair Dyeing                                      ~ Bath & Basic

~Toe-Nail Trims

Come to Lucky Bones if you want to look like a ROCK STAR!!!!




                  Before Groom                                                    After Groom


 After Groom


                   Before Groom                                                     After Groom


Doggie Feathers



          Before                               After Hair Dye ~ Zebra Pattern (Free-Hand paint applied)