Scanline likes to luau in the pool!                                      Otis & Sadie rompin'




                        Jasmine in the Tunnel          Biscuit & Ellie playing Tug-of-War




                              Peaty & Ellie Bellie                           Playing :)




                 Fitzwilliam loves the pool!!!                  Abby giving Matt some Sugar




All the Dogs are telling Cole..."Do it, Do it, Do it!!!"



Otis & Jasmine won the Limbo Contest!




                          Sadie Bell wants no part of this game!!!!            Everyone wants one wants to jump!




We now present....Employees gone Crazy!!!! Nah, just having some fun.  This game is called Race To Hawaii! The employees were divided among each other onto teams. The teams had to do a relay race and each person had to collect articles of hawaiian clothing. The two teams selected dogs to be a part of their teams.  The winning team's dogs received a special prize at the end of the day.


                             1) And they're off!!!!                                                                 2) Kayla's team looks ahead




                          3) Mackenzie & Meagan running to get the next piece of clothing                          4) Shelby is next!!!!!!





                                                              5) Kayla can't keep her gear on                                            6) Neither can Jordan




                                                     7) Here goes Mack again!!!!                   8) Switching attire is harder than it looks




                        9) Shelby thinks Cole is going for the Bucket                           10) And the winner is...............Matt's Team!!!!

                     but he's really going for the turtle around her waist.



Rosie won the Hula Hoop Contest!






Our Pet Techs: Andi, Bethany, Jordan, Matt, Kayla & Mackenzie



                         Lloyd Bell & Rufus                              Tammy & Charlie Gravely enjoying the Luau




              Keke Douglas                   Chloe Gross                           Daphne Gross




                        Petey Pence Edwards                               Polly Outlaw



           Ellie Bellie (up for adoption!!)       Fitzwilliam Hayworth                     Baylee Inman



                              Sasha Kennington-Bryant         Diamond McCrystal            Charlie Bear


                     Elliot Johnson                 Bella Dowell              Charlie Gravely



                              Beasley Harrison                       Ruger Gardner




                     Abby Moser                     Otis Peavy                   Maggie Leckie



                                     Emma Bennett                           Wrigley Bennett




                       Lucy Cooke                   Sully Watson               Jasmine Allen




                                    Rufus Bell                             Ashland Lambert




                           Sadie Theard                             Sadie Bell Hiatt



             Toby Pendleton                Roman Moore                      Dakota Moore




                             Delila Moore                                      Claire Moore                          




                                  Miss Kitty Rogers                            Missy Cave





           Biscuitini LaBerge        Cole-bear LaBerge                    Allie Boles





                                       Hershey Boles                           Lady Vogler