Lucky Bones Country Club is a wonderful place to take your dogs! We found out about Lucky Bones in the newspaper and couldn't wait for it to open. We have a 2 year old Springer Spaniel named Sadie Belle. Before Lucky Bones opened, we had to take her to Greensboro to the pet resort there when we went on vacation. After taking Sadie to Lucky Bones and seeing the one-on-one attention that she  received there, we knew that we had found a better place to take our dog and we would no longer have to leave her in Greensboro. Shelby and all the staff at Lucky Bones are wonderful! They are friendly and have a true passion for dogs. Sadie Belle loves going to Lucky Bones. It is such a treat for her, and we, as her owners, know that she is in a great place. Sadie Belle has been to Doggie Daycare, has boarded overnight, she gets groomed there, and also participated in the first Obedience Class offered by Lucky Bones. We have been pleased with all of these services. Lucky Bones is always hosting events and activities for the dogs. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful place to take our dog. We look forward to taking Sadie Belle to Lucky Bones for years to come!

     Mark, Casey, Walker & Sadie Belle Hiatt


We have been dog owners for many years, and have never felt comfortable boarding our "children".  LBCC changed that, with their excellent care.  Shelby and her staff make it a clean and fun place for Max to stay.  He can hardly wait to get in the door to see everyone and start play time with his friends.  Thank you Shelby, for such a wonderful place.  We know Max is well taken care of when he is there for daycare or boarding.

     Gray & Becky Haymore




It's been said timing is everything and for me and my dogs the opening of Lucky Bones Country Club could not have been more timely.  Princess Taffy, Winnie and Snuffles needed a new "spa" and we found that in Lucky Bones.  From owner Shelby, to every staff member, Lucky Bones exudes a warm, welcoming family atmosphere.  I'm happy to recommend Lucky Bones to animal lovers, like myself, who look for dedication and commitment to the pets entrusted to their care.


   Judy Eggleston and Family


We highly recommend "Lucky Bones Country Club" when you need a place

to board your pets.  The staff is always glad to see our dogs and the dogs are glad to see them.  Whether it's for vacation or out-of-town trips we know "Our Girls" will be safe and well taken of.  We love the folks at Lucky Bones (and so do Daphne and Chloe)!!!!

    Steve & Polly Gross




To any mom's or dad's who have ever had to drop off their child at a daycare and walk away, you know what a horrible feeling of helplessness that you have, because in the back of your mind you're always wondering what your kid is doing and how he/she is being treated. Well, I am here to tell you that with your 4-legged children you can rest assured that they are happy, being well taken care of and probably are hoping that you will "forget" to pick them up. I have a yorkie named Charlie and he absolutely loves Lucky Bones. It's not just the playground area (inside & out) or the beautiful bedrooms, all that is wonderful; but the real reason that Charlie loves his "school" is the people. Our babies are their babies. Sharon, (the groomer) is great with them and so is Shelby (the owner). The young ladies who are actually hands-on all day long with our "kids" know their stuff. Charlie gets bathed, trimmed, petted, pampered and even kissed. It's like checking in at the Ritz with free room service. Wow, (no bones about it) we should all be that lucky!!!

                                                                                                                                           Tammy Gravely


Our Mikey was one of the first if not the first boarding guest at Lucky Bones soon after they opened. Since that time Mikey has been a guest multiple times and he gets excited each time we arrive. Lucky Bones is like a second home for Mikey and he enjoys his stays with "Aunt Shelby" and staff. The staff treat him like one of their own and he loves them all which puts our minds at ease each time we leave Mikey, knowing he will be treated well. If anyone needs a place for their pet to board, we're sure they would like staying at Lucky Bones.

                          Sharon & Jerry Veal



Lucky Bones Country Club is so much more than just a place

to take your pet as you go away on a trip. This is a place that treats your pet like family. Cooper's favorite place in the world is Lucky Bones! He gets so excited when we are planning a trip away because he knows that he is going to see Shelby and her family. Shelby has created a very special "home away from home" for our beloved pets. Cooper has spent countless hours playing with his best friends, enjoying day care, and participating in the Howl-o-ween and Super Bowl parties. The fun is just endless! Whenever we pull up into the driveway at LBCC Cooper bounds out of the car and dives into the door only to receive hugs and kisses from the caring staff. They make us feel, and Cooper feel, that he is a VIP (Very Important Pet). I cannot tell you what LBCC means to our family. I do know that I can plan a trip away and know that Cooper is not only being loved and well cared for - but that he is also having the time of his life!

                                                                                                           Dean & Shannon Parker


Lucky Bones Country Club Club in Mount Airy is a wonderful getaway for your pet. With awesome staff, prices, and quality, Lucky Bones is a perfect place for your pet to enjoy while you are on vacation, or simply away for the day. I, an eleven year old dog-lover, am completely comfortable with my dog, Muffin, staying at LBCC even with being an over-protective dog owner. I know Muffin will have a great time meeting new friends, playing on Lucky Bone's playground, and hanging out with Lucky Bone's friendly workers. Shelby, the owner of Lucky Bones, seems to get very excited when Muffin comes in, which makes me happy to know my dog is in good hands! Lucky Bones also does great grooming. My family and I love to see Muffin after a service from Lucky Bones with cute little bows in her hair. I do not own a cat, but I'm sure Lucky Bones's cat care is wonderful too!  Overall, Lucky Bones is not only convenient and affordable, LBCC is a great hangout spot and hotel for your furry kid.

Molly Hartness & Family